Kanye West's interview with Zane Lowe has already made itself famous enough for a Jimmy Kimmel spoof. Jimmy's parody, which included two children recreating a moment from the interview, was enough to bring Kanye back to Twitter—with wrath.

Considering Kimmel's track history with parodies, spoofs, and testing people's reactions to things, it wouldn't come too much as a surprise if Kanye was in on this one. Stay tuned, this may get uglier.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel has some words on the ordeal...

UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel has responded to Kanye's hilarious barrage by addressing the matter on his show. After describing a call he had with Kanye before the show, Jimmy reads through the tweets and sort of just tries to dismiss them, one by one. He should have just said "What up, Yeezus?" when Kanye called. Watch below...

UPDATE: Kanye West is back on Twitter talking about the Jimmy Kimmel incident from last night. He's quoting Jibril Durimel, who says he's against what Jimmy Kimmel did in his Kanye West spoof. Durimel's words are likely a response to Slate's recent article on the West/Kimmel issue, which West tweeted out as well. Slate writer Forrest Wickman commented on Kimmel's sketch, calling it "ignorant and stupid." 

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