The Talkhouse is a new site that publishes renowned musicians writing about new albums. Past reviews include Dinosaur Jr.’s Lou Barlow on the new Black Sabbath, but today, the site superseded everything it had done before with an unlikely (or maybe not) post from Velvet Underground legend Lou Reed . It's about Yeezus, and it's a positive writeup.

“No one’s near doing what he’s doing,” Reed writes of Kanye, “it’s not even on the same planet.” Given the 71-year-old’s history with experimental music, it’s not that surprising to find out he’s into an album as out-there as Yeezus. Still, the enthusiasm with which Reed writes in his review is refreshing, and it’s good to know he’s been active since his recent liver transplant.

Check out Reed’s entire review of Yeezus here.

[via The Talkhouse]

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