Erykah Badu Says Drake Has to Respond to Kendrick Lamar

"This hip-hop," Badu says.

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The back-and-forth between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has many people excited. One of those people is Erykah Badu. In the wake of Kendrick's verse on the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher, Badu got on Twitter to say that she felt that Drake needs to respond to the barbs. "This hip-hop," Badu added.

Badu and Drake have interacted with each other in the past, most famously hanging out in Toronto with him back in 2011. Meanwhile, Badu just performed "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" with Kendrick at the BET Awards this summer. She also interviewed Kendrick earlier this year for Interview Magazine. In the past, Kendrick has said that working with Badu would be his "dream collaboration."

Interestingly enough, she did not say anything about Papoose needing to respond. Unlike the other two, she has collaborated with the Brooklyn native, on a song called "Cure." That said, there was some controversy surrounding this song when The Nacirema Dream finally came out. Badu tweeted that the song was recorded over ten years ago and that there had been no paperwork. Papoose has said that this issue has since been resolved, and that the song was actually recorded in 2007.

Drake, u gotta come-back boy ... This HipHop.

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