Amazon Will Not Sell Physical Copies of "Beyoncé," But Beyoncé Herself Shows up At Walmart

Beyoncé hugs babies and gives out gift cards for the holiday season.

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Beyoncé's exclusive partnership with iTunes has ruffled the feathers of other retailers. Earlier this week, Target announced that it will not carry her new eponymous album in stores. Now, Amazon has decided not to stock physical copies of the album, choosing instead only to offer digital MP3 downloads and the videos for sale separately.

Naturally, these boycotts do not faze Beyoncé. How could they? With historic first week sales and a second straight week on the top of the Billboard charts, the boycott looks like it won't do significant damage to sales of her new album. Full of holiday spirit, the singer decided to spread it by surprising customers at a Tewksbury Walmart last night prior to her show at the TD Garden in Boston. She gave every customer a $50 gift card, and even greeted a baby with a hug.

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