It's been a week since Beyoncé dropped her surprise fifth solo album, Beyoncé. In the time since it’s unprecedented impact, the album has created a cottage industry of think pieces and twitter debates about everything from B's feminist politics to the state of the music industry. 

On the latter subject, the consensus seems to be that Beyoncé—a "visual" album revealed at midnight on iTunes without any notice—is making artists and record labels completely rethink the long promotional tours and marketing strategies that traditionally lead up to an album's release date. Sometimes a major artist has to take a bold, unprecedented risk to really change the game.

One obvious question we've been debating: which superstar from the hip-hop world is going to be the first to play by Bey’s #NewRules? A surprise release from one of the top rappers in the game seems inevitable. Check out the video above to see some of our speculations, and let us know who you've got your money on.

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