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Migos are an Atlanta three-man-band behind last year's regional hit "Bando," the video for which they've just now re-released after gaining some more national attention. (Watch the original here.) The song is an odd bit of Zaytoven-style nursery rhyme street rap (produced by Juvie) with the kind of cycling keyboards and organs that give it a peculiar structure. We put the beat through a series of tests and have determined that, were it to be represented visually, it would look something like this:

Your results may differ. Oh, and if you were wondering, "Bando" is short for "abandoned house," which is where the trapping happens. It should be noted that group member Offset is currently behind bars, thus the "free Offset" t-shirts in the video. The Migos' newest tape is entitled Yung Rich Niggas, and it drops June 13.

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