Check Out This Remix of Ariana Grande's Single "Into You" Featuring Mac Miller

Ariana Grande shares a version of her 'Dangerous Woman' single "Into You" featuring a guest verse from Mac Miller.

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For a while now, rumors swirled that Ariana Grande had a version of her Dangerous Woman single "Into You" featuring a guest verse from Mac Miller. As it turns out, the rumor proved to be entirely true with the pop singer taking to Twitter to share the song with her millions of fans last night. 

The new version of "Into You" is an an uber-sexualized take on Grande's single that is accompanied wit a far slinkier, and more seductive production. Miller really flashes a more romantic side of himself that we haven't really seen too much of before with his verse.

"Baby this a microphone check / What you gettin' into when you get 'em / When I wake up probably I'm gonna text ya / Heard you got a man / Baby I could do it better / And I really ain't complaining / I just want you to remember / How it was, how it is, how it could be / You could put me here, you could push me / Or we can go for a ride, in the sky / Looking up, you're a high / You ain't never gotta lie / Cause it's more than just pussy / For the night everything's alright / When you lay down I'mma hit the lights / If you say so / What's a life if you don't got me / Give you what you want, what you need / What you came for / Hit me up when you're feeling blue / And I tell how I'm feeling too, so you know / I just want to get into you / Right here in the living room / Let's go​."

This isn't the only time this week that Grande has toyed around with "Into You." Just a few days before sharing this remix, Grande released a lyric video for the song on YouTube that features her singing the song completely a cappella. It's a rare move for a pop star, but Grande has one of the most undeniably great voices in music today and she pulls the performance off beautifully. 

Check out the "Into You (Remix)" featuring Mac Miller below.

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