The Internet Had a Lot to Say About Kanye West's "Famous" Music Video

The internet had a whole lot to say about Kanye West's most recent foray into filmmaking for his “Famous” video.

On Friday night, Kanye West revealed the visual for “Famous” in front of an audience of thousands at The L.A. Forum, and many more sitting at home watching the live feed of the event on Tidal. Most people were expecting West to pull out something unexpected, but even then, the tableau that The Life of Pablo rapper put together for his latest visual creation was something else.

Depicting West laying in bed naked with an array of famous people—including his wife Kim Kardashian West, her former boyfriend Ray J, his former girlfriend Amber Rose, along with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Caitlyn Jenner, Anna Wintour, and President George W. Bush—the video drew a strong response from viewers who were all to eager to share their opinions over social media. 

Most of the commentary centered on Swift, who was depicted laying right next to West, with many speculating about the pop star's reaction to the film. To say the pair have a complicated history would be an understatement. The acrimony that began when he interrupted her at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was re-ignited only just recently when Kim Kardashian essentially accused Swift of lying in an interview with GQ about approving the provocative line in "Famous," where Kanye raps, "I bet me and Taylor might still have sex, why? / I made that bitch famous."

Taylor swift calling her lawyer after watching Kanye's famous video
Rare pic of taylor swift emailing her lawyer to give kanye a ceast and desist after the famous video #TIDALXFAMOUS

Some were horrified by the video.

Kanye Omari West has officially lost his natural mind. This video...I can't. #TIDALXFAMOUS
when he asked "who wants me to run that back again?" i was expecting nearly nobody to cheer LOL #TidalXFamous
Well, that was different. #tidalxfamous
When I saw everybody naked in bed together. #TIDALXFAMOUS

Most just had fun thinking about the fallout.

So Chris brown is ok with it....just waiting for the others lol #TIDALXFAMOUS
I need to hear what Trump has to say about #TIDALxFamous video
when you realize your husband is about to get sued by literally everyone #TIDALXFAMOUS
So mom saw me watching #TIDALXFAMOUS and I am now a bad example for the siblings for "watching porn"
Am just waiting on Amber to start dragging #TIDALXFAMOUS

Some just had fun making fun of Desiigner's hype. 

I'm trying to be on his level of hype 😂 @LifeOfDesiigner #TIDALXFAMOUS
Desiigner was hype af in the crowd like #TIDALXFAMOUS

Whether you loved or hated it, West once again managed to shock the world.

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