It Looks Like Chance the Rapper Has Shared the Cover for His Upcoming Mixtape

The Chicago native promised that his third mixtape would arrive sometime in April.

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As the hours tick by, it's looking less and less likely that Chance the Rapper is going to fufill his earlier promise to deliver his highly anticipated third mixtape in the month of April. Perhaps as a consolation prize to those who have long waited to hear some new tracks from the Chicago native, Chance took to Twitter today and shared the cover to his new musical project, with the hashtag #Chance3.

Also included in the tweet was a link to his website where people can buy a poster pack of ten 24" x 36" prints of the artwork. With Beyoncé dropping LEMONADE and Drake finally unveiling VIEWS this month, we can't say we blame Chance for maybe wanting to hold on to his own release for a bit longer so as not to get lost in the shuffle.

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