What You Need to Know About Lil Xan

It can be hard to keep track of every "SoundCoud rapper" out there—that's where we come in. Here's what you need to know about Lil Xan.

lil xan press photo dec 2017

Image via Lil Xan

lil xan press photo dec 2017

On April 6, Lil Xan dropped his debut album, Total Xanarchy. The project is the culmination of a quick rise for the Redlands, California-born rapper best known for his song "Betrayed." Buzz is growing each day for the 21-year-old; here's what you should know about him.

He Dropped Out of High School

lil xan

But He Hadn't Planned on Becoming a Rapper

Lil Xan

His Name Means What You Think It Does

lil xan

He Started Abusing Xanax at 18

Lil Xan

He Has a History of Anxiety

lil xan nardwuar

Music Inspired Him to Quit Xanax

lil xan press 4 dec 2017

He Calls 'Xanarchy' an Anti-Xan Movement

lil xan press 3 dec 2017

His Musical Inspirations

lil xan press 2 dec 2017

He Says He Respects 2Pac

This is a picture of Lil Xan.

He's Got a Heavy List of Collabs

lil xan diego name change

He Took Lil Peep's Death Hard

Lil Xan

He Won't Go to Your Prom

Lil Xan

He Calls His Album an Evolution

Lil Xan

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