The Complex Man of Next Year is Mac Miller

The fans and readers have spoken.

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Back in October, we announced our first ever Man of Next Year Awards. Our editors sifted through a stellar group of forward-thinkers and heavy hitters in every category including Art and Design, Sports, Pop Culture, Style and Music to ensure our selection of contenders was not only up to par, but ahead of its time. 

Week after week, in every category, the margins were narrow, but for Mac Miller, a 59% lead was anything but a close call. The Pittsburgh rapper's loyal fans not only rallied to help him crush the competition in Music, but they voted en masse at the finish line, securing him the title of Complex's first Man of Next Year. He'll also kick off 2013 with a digital Complex cover (the rapper's first), a custom Marc Ecko varsity jacket, and a new ride in the shape of the slick, eco-conscious Fisker Karma. 

For every loyal fan and avid Complex reader who participated in voting for our Man of Next Year contest, your name was automatically entered to win a trip to Mac's Complex photo shoot, a ride in the Fisker Karma, and a varsity jacket designed by Marc Ecko. Stay tuned for these sweepstakes details later this week. In the meantime, wish your man Mac Miller a happy new year. It might not be 2013 yet, but he has a head start on a big year.

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