We Created A Bunch of GIFs from Lana Del Rey's "Tropico" Because The Internet Needs Them

Don't even mention it. You're totally welcome.

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Earlier today, Lana Del Rey dropped a nearly 30-minute-long short film called Tropico. It stars Lana and the first male albino model Shaun Ross and is directed by Anthony Mandler. It's essentially a triple music video for Lana's "Body Electric," "Gods and Monsters," and "Bel Air" from her Born to Die: Paradise Edition album. 

The Paradise part of the title is important to keep in mind. The film starts off with Ross and Lana as Adam and Eve. And when she bites the apple, we go to modern times where Lana is a stripper which seems to upset Shaun Ross' character—who is also a gun-toting maniac who really hates the fact that his girl is a stripper. But he's a criminal, as if that's any better. There's also a lot of non-sequitur voice-over by Lana, including seemingly arbitrary parts of Allen Ginsberg's poem "The Howl." We're sure it's all very meaningful, we just don't know what it means. 

Oh, did we mention that Lana plays a stripper in this video? And that there's a lot scenes of her doing things only strippers know how to do? Sorry, but that's kinda the highlight for us because we're male chauvinist pigs who would like to pretend we're interested in a play-by-play of the video but really just want to see GIFs of Lana Del Rey on her "clear heels and two bottles of Nuvo" swag. So yeah, if you don't have time to watch the whole damn thing, here's some GIF highlights for you. 

So the video kicks off and we're all happy.

Then there's some uhh...gyrating in the Garden of Eden.

But of course she bites the apple because you know how the story goes.

Then we're in modern times, and there's cool GIF-worthy moments like this.

And there's some sweet, tender moments like this. (Though if you don't smoke, but once dated a smoker, it might just seem gross).

And for watching this far into the video, Lana rewards us with this moment obviously meant to be posted to the nearest Tumblr.

And there's even titillating moments like this. (Sidebar: Two tattoo tears? Really, Lana? Do tell.) 

But then, there's this.

Oh, and this.

And this too.

But there's still some tame, innocent moments, where it's supposed to be all good.

But at this point, we really can't get our minds off seeing Lana do other things.

And she's all like.

And she is really out here.

And that innocent "girlfriends blowing smoke in each others face" gets a less-innocent upgrade.

And then Lana goes for the Keri Hilson.

And then she covers herself in money because what's more important than the mula

Oh and by the way, her man is at home the whole time going like this.


Anyhow, after all this we cut to another sequence where Lana's man robs some rich dudes who hire some real strippers. (Sorry, no GIFs of that, that's a little too hot for TV). Afterward, Lana and her man live happily ever after in one of those canyons where they probably shot b-roll for the "Bound 2" video. But it's not nearly as GIF-worthy so we didn't bother making GIFs of that part. Because, shit, GIFs of loving people enjoying each other's gentle embrace? Who wants to see that? [Plays "Bandz A Make Her Dance."]

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