Watch Hezi's Playful New Video for "Bulma"

A carefree summer bop.

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Dragon Ball Z references in hip-hop are becoming more and more commonplace these days. It's pretty easy to understand why too, as the extremely popular anime is full of exciting characters, bonkers storylines, and colourful set pieces. All of these aspects have seeped into the culture lately and have helped to inspire countless rapper's personas, bars, and even music videos. All you have to do is dive into a SoundCloud playlist to see that DBZ's presence in the game is pretty omnipresent at this point — just ask superfans like Lil Uzi Vert and local rapper Sayzee, who even dedicated a whole project to the show.

Toronto creative Hezi is the latest to honour the series (if not more subtly than his colleagues) with a playful bop called "Bulma". The track, which comes with an accompanying music video, has the emcee floating over production by frequent collaborator, Clairmont The Second. The latter artist also handles Bulma's clean cinematography. In the short piece, Hezi plays a nerdy version of himself trying to impress a girl named Luh'Teesha, played by Bianca Thompson. You can watch the entire thing in full above via YouTube.

You can also listen to "Bulma" on all major streaming platforms, including SoundCloud below.

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