Watch Lil Wayne Threaten to End Concert During First Song After Fan Throws Item Onstage

Lil Wayne interrupted his set to curse out a fan who threw a "flag" onstage during his first song at a Jacksonville, Florida concert over the weekend.

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Lil Wayne didn’t take kindly to a Florida fan who threw something onstage during his set.

The New Orleans native was performing in Jacksonville last Friday when he stopped the show to yell at the crowd after someone tossed what apparently was a bandana or flag at him.

“This my first song. If a n***a gonna be throwing the shit at me, I ain’t gonna do another song, I’ll get my ass right up out this motherfucker,” he said. “It’s called respect. So, like I said, if a n***a gonna be throwing shit at me, I’ll respect that person and get the fuck [out].”

The audience immediately began yelling and broke out into a “Weezy” chant. However, he clearly had more to say.

“If you know who that was that threw that shit, tell him I say fuck him and suck a motherfuckin’ dick,” Wayne continued. “You little pussy bitch. Throwin’ flags at me, n***a, that shit ain’t even real. Fuck wrong with you? Pussy motherfucker.”

Earlier this month, Wayne teased the release of Tha Carter VI at the Young Money Reunion show in Toronto. “I’m working on Carter VI, coming soon!” he said to his fans, followed by the title flashing on a huge screen behind the stage.

It would be the follow-up to his 2018 album Tha Carter V and 2020 LP Funeral. Weezy has been teasing his latest entry in the saga, which kicked off in 2004, for some time. In July 2020 he said in Variety that his “favorite Carter album is the next one.” A month later he told ESPN the next installation was “coming soon.”

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