Tyler, the Creator on Potential Odd Future Reunion: 'I Think Everyone is Kinda Past That'

Tyler, the Creator made the remarks during Converse’s Creative All Star series in London.

tyler odd future

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tyler odd future

It looks like an Odd Future reunion album isn’t in our future (pun intended).

On Saturday, Tyler, The Creator participated in Converse’s Creative All Star series in London, which offered a selection of classes to London youth. During a conversation with the artist, he was asked if his former rap collective would get back together for another project. But according to XXL, Tyler doesn't see it happening, at least not yet. 

“Nine times out of seven, no,” Tyler said. “I would be open to it, but I think everyone is kinda past that. I think some people base it on nostalgia rather than like, ‘Would it actually be good?’ Like, we don't always need a Bad Boys 5. Even though I like the last one. N***a, it's there, listen to it.”

Tyler continued, explaining that the projects weren’t even that amazing and he doesn’t know if everyone’s musical style would align in 2020.

“Honestly, the OF tapes weren't that good,” Tyler said. “It was just a fun time, but musically, it's like, ‘Uh, coulda did better.’ But, for the time, it was tight. I think now...and I could probably figure it out. I don't know if the styles will mesh much for a good cohesive thing. No niche like, ‘Oh, this is a good idea.’ Like an actually good thing. I don't know if the styles would mesh much with everyone. But, who knows, this could change in six weeks.”

Many of the artists from the group have established successful music careers in their own right, including Tyler, Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Syd, Matt Martians, and more. As a collective, Odd Future released three projects: Odd FutureTape (2008), Radical (2010), and The OF Tape Vol. 2 (2012). Then, in 2015, Tyler announced the end of the group’s run en route to becoming a Grammy-winning artist

You can watch Tyler's remarks about Odd Future here

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