T.I. Argues With Cop in Bookings After Gated Community Arrest

Security footage has surfaced of T.I. getting booked early Wednesday morning.

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Security footage has surfaced of T.I. getting booked at Georgia's Henry County Jail early Wednesday morning. He had been arrested after after getting into an argument with his gated community’s security guard around 4 a.m. and charged with disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, and simple assault. He was later released on bond.

In the bookings video—which was acquired by TMZ—T.I. insists his arrest wasn’t justified, and that he was just trying to ask the guard some questions. At first, the Atlanta native is fairly composed, until he tries to get the cop to explain himself.

The officer then tells Tip he was “acting like a fool.” Tip disagrees, claiming as a homeowner in the gated community, he has a right to question the security guard protecting his neighborhood. However, it’s obvious the cop disagrees.

The only thing T.I. and the cop do agree on is that the incident will be settled in court.

The Blast spoke with Tip after he was released. He alleged that he caught the guard sleeping, and contended that the guard then “antagonized” him. T.I. said that while it was a “very heated debate,” it wasn’t physical, though the guard “may have been hurt by my words.” Tip also characterized local authorities as “white cops in a very white area.” The officer that Tip was speaking to on the security footage appeared to be white.

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