The Game Describes How Michael Jackson Called Him to End 50 Cent Feud

The Game referenced the conversation with Michael Jackson in his 2009 song "Better on the Other Side."

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At the height of The Game and 50 Cent’s feud, a lot of people wanted the two make amends. One was Michael Jackson, who apparently wanted to get the two beefing rappers on a record as a way to create peace.

“That was weird as fuck,” Game said in a recent interview with HipHopDX. “It's like, this ain't how I wanna meet Michael Jackson or talk to Michael Jackson. I kinda felt like Mike was on some lame shit. Like, who sent you type shit, but at the same time it was like—you know that voice, Michael Jackson's voice that you hear. Like, that n***a wasn't talking like that. It was like, low-key deep. You could still tell it was Michael Jackson but it was more like...regular."

Game clarified that someone from MJ’s camp called the rapper to tell him that Jackson wanted to have a conversation. According to Game, MJ’s team made it look like Game reached out to him instead of vice versa. “I'm in Canada on tour,” Game said. “I'm like, ‘Michael Jackson wants to talk about what?’”

The two reportedly spoke, and Jackson told Game he’s a fan of his song “How We Do” and his debut album The Documentary. Game said that Michael even quoted some of the lyrics. Then, the pop star got down to business. “I think that you and Fifty did great work,” Michael reportedly said. “It would be a travesty if the world never got to hear you guys again. Would you be open to having a conversation and squashing that beef and doing something for my album?”

Game was taken aback by the proposition, and divulged that he and Jackson talked about the likelihood of Game and Fif being on his record together. “At that time I was so in it with Fifty I actually hated Fifty,” Game remembered. “I wanted to kill him at that time. He probably had the same mutual feelings for me. That's where Mike lost me. In my head, I was just not open to doing that. I can't remember how we ended the conversation or whatnot. I didn't tell Mike ‘No,’ but it never came to fruition.” We should also point out that the The Game referenced the conversation with Jackson in his 2009 song "Better on the Other Side."

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