Sean Kingston Says He Had Cheated With a Woman While His Girlfriend Was in the House

Sean Kingston told Angela Yee a revealing relationship story, describing how he slept with another woman while his girlfriend was in the same house.


Image via Getty/Gabe Ginsberg


Sean Kingston clearly has no shame.

In a new episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service, he shared a particularly revealing story about cheating in a relationship. 

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I did some shit where she was upstairs and I was fucking another girl downstairs,” he said, explaining his girlfriend “made me so mad to [that] point—and that’s the only time I ever cheated in a relationship, ’cause I don’t cheat. But she made it so bad—she hacked my iCloud, she hacked my fucking Instagram, she hacked all type of shit, bro. Like, imagine.”

Yee and her co-hosts Gigi Maguire and Lore’l weren’t having it.

“Sean, son, we do not have no sympathy for you! You just said you fucked a girl in the house that y’all shared. You know how crazy that is?” Yee responded.

Sean tried to better explain himself, describing his actions as “smooth” and “immaculate.” He continued, “Like she was upstairs, thought I was downstairs with the guys recording, she didn’t know nothing was going down. I mean, I was just down there vibing!”

Sean and the hosts went back and forth, with Yee asking what would happen if his girlfriend had treated him the same way. Lore’l chimed in, saying the girlfriend would have been called derogatory names. When Yee asked who was paying the bills, Sean said he was paying for everything, which prompted Lore’l to say, “That’s why he felt like he could do that. That’s grimy.”

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