Royce da 5'9" on Why Slaughterhouse Wouldn't Replace Joe Budden With Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco jokingly responded on Twitter.

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Lupe Fiasco recently showed his interest in acquiring Joe Budden's spot in Slaughterhouse.

Royce Da 5’9” caught wind of Lupe’s suggestion and finally responded. “It’ll never happen,” Royce told HipHopDX. “Nobody can replace Joe,” he added. “Nobody can replace anybody from Slaughterhouse.”

Royce explained that his answer isn’t a diss to Lupe’s skills, but that the group wouldn’t be Slaughterhouse if Lupe came into the picture. “If anything, that’s elevating Lupe to where he should be. He’s no ‘group replacement guy.’ He’s great. He’s not just an MC, he’s a ‘master.’ So it takes on a completely different form because you have somebody who’s personality traits something totally different, has completely different characteristics outside of the booth and that’s not a replacement to Joe," he said "That’s something completely different. They’re two totally different kinds of rappers and people. So that’s not a swap.”

After hearing about Royce’s response, Lupe jokingly tweeted the Crying Jordan meme and wrote, "Man y’all… @Royceda59 eloquently said hell to the nah to my request to replace @JoeBudden in slaughterhouse…”

Man y’all...@Royceda59 eloquently said hell to the nah to my request to replace @JoeBudden in slaughterhouse...

— “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” Out Now! (@LupeFiasco) March 3, 2020

In fact, Lupe continued to tweet about Royce’s response all day with different memes and gifs. 

He coulda atleast let me try out...attend the combine...somethin!

He was like...

— “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” Out Now! (@LupeFiasco) March 3, 2020

You only get one shot do not miss your chance to...

— “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” Out Now! (@LupeFiasco) March 3, 2020

Aye y’all chill with the @Royceda59 side talk. I’m just clowning. Thats my brother & I respect him highly plus that nigga ALLEGEDLY has a bazooka. And niggas with even ALLEGED bazookas have historically commanded a higher level of STFU when they talkin

Stream #TheAllegory NOW!

— “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” Out Now! (@LupeFiasco) March 3, 2020

The Chicago rapper’s campaign began back in January, when he tweeted, “Yo @joebudden Lemme get yo slaughterhouse spot.”

Yo @joebudden Lemme get yo slaughterhouse spot

— “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” Out Now! (@LupeFiasco) January 19, 2020

It appears as if Budden has yet to respond.

Royce released his latest album The Allegory in late February with guest appearances from T.I., CyHi the Prynce, Sy Ari da Kid, and White Gold.

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