Rick Ross Gives Mansion Tour, Says He Was 'Buying Real Estate' While People Were Buying Dogecoin

Rick Ross showed off his $3.5 million mansion in Houston.

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Rick Ross knows luxury.

The rapper recently hoppped on social media and gave a tour of his Houston mansion, showing off his backyard, cars, the home’s interior, and more.

“While others was buying Dogecoin and all that, man, I was buying real estate,” he said next to his insane pool. “To be honest, i don’t know how deep this pool go,” he added.

Ross then went to the front of the house, where a white truck with blue stripes was driving towards him: “I’m pulling this truck out today ‘cause it go with my outfit," he saidf.

Next, Ross walked over to his gate, emblazoned with his initials, RR. “Rep your brand,” he said, before panning over to some palm trees in his yard. “Y’all know I brought them damn trees all the way from goddamn Miami. They say, ‘Them trees ain’t gonna live out here,’ and boy, they weren’t lying. But I gotta try, that’s just me.”

As he kept walking along the front of his property, Ross added, “This house go all the way around man. This shit huge.”

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Tpo be clear, this is not Ricky Rozay’s only mansion. Earlier this month, he reportedly dropped $35 million on a home on Miami Beach’s Star Island. The 40,000 square foot abode boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and several amenities, like a heated pool, entertainment room, summer kitchen, plaza deck terraces, a waterfront, and a 40-foot dock. He also owns a 109-room home in Georgia.

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