Akon's Range Rover Found After Being Stolen From Atlanta Gas Station (UPDATE)

Akon's Range Rover was stolen from an Atlanta gas station after the singer left the SUV running. Police later found it by tracking his phone.


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UPDATED 5/26, 2:05 p.m. ET: TMZ published audio from the 911 call Akon placed after his Range Rover was stolen from a gas station, with the operator handling him fairly brusquely and with multiple interruptions and corrections. 

“It’s not a carjacking, that’s not carjacking...someone stole your car,” the dispatcher tells him, to which Akon offers a polite “oh, OK” and a patient “yes, ma’am”:

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Authorities have found Akon’s car after it was stolen while he was pumping gas in Atlanta, Georgia.

The theft occurred Monday night, when the singer left the keys in the ignition of his white Range Rover at a Quiktrip gas station in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. When he was gone, someone got into the driver’s seat and took off.

“He stated that when his tank was almost full he noticed his white Range Rover … pulling off while he was still pumping his gas,” the police report read. “Shortly after, you can see the suspect get out of the passenger seat of what looks to be a black four-door BMW sedan, get into the driver’s seat of the victim’s vehicle, and drive off with the black BMW following right behind.”

Police confirmed what Akon saw with surveillance footage—that a dark-colored sedan pulled into the gas station and parked next to the Range Rover at 11:37 p.m. Akon saw the suspect drive his SUV out of the Quiktrip, with the sedan in tow.

“It only takes a second for someone to jump in your vehicle and take off,” the Atlanta Police Department’s Capt. Graham said, per Fox 5.

Fortunately, Akon’s phone was still in his SUV and he was able to track it to a street in southwest Atlanta. However, it was already gone when the police arrived at the location. Akon then tracked it to another area near Atlanta, and the vehicle was finally found early Tuesday morning. Police are still looking for the suspect or suspects who were involved.

Ludacris was also a victim of a car theft in Atlanta in January, when he left his vehicle running during an ATM transaction. Police were able to track the car and recover it.

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