Over 60 Oklahoma Artists Band Together for 'Fire in Little Africa' Album on Tulsa Race Massacre's 100th Anniversary

A group of more than 60 Oklahoma artists has released 'Fire in Little Africa,' an album that remembers the Tulsa Race Massacre on its 100th anniversary.


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A collective of more than 60 Oklahoma artists jointly released the compilation album Fire in Little Africa via Motown Records/Black Forum, in partnership with the Bob Dylan Center and Woody Guthrie Center.

The record pays its respects to the victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre on the violent day’s 100th anniversary. The 21-track album packed with rappers, producers, poets, and more shines a light on what really happened on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when white people banded together and devastated the neighborhood of Greenwood, which was known as Black Wall Street. Ultimately, the white mob destroyed almost 1,500 homes, killed hundreds of Black Tulsans, and left thousands homeless.


Alongside Fire in Little Africa​ came a music video for the title track with Hakeem Eli’juwon and Steph Simon:

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Fire in Little Africa is a powerful and timely project that provides a platform and outlet for the incredibly talented and thriving music community of Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said Motown Records chairman and CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam. “Carrying the legacy of the Black Wall Street community, Fire in Little Africa is a body of work filled with purpose and prolific storytelling. I am honored and feel privileged to have Motown Records/Black Forum partner with Dr. View, the Bob Dylan Center and Guthrie Center to release this impactful hip-hop album.” 

The album was recorded over the course of five days in Greenwood in March 2020. There were studios all over the neighborhood that the artists could use, including the former home of KKK leader Tate Brady, who architected the massacre. Ex-NFL player and Tulsa native Felix Jones now owns the property.

The dozens and dozens of rappers, poets, producers, musicians, hosts, and other creatives are as follows: Steph Simon, Dialtone, St. Domonick, Sneak the Poet, Dr. View, Ayilla, Jerica Wortham, Hakeem Eli’Juwon, Verse, Thomas Who?, Parris Chariz, M.C., Surron the 7th, Ausha LaCole, Ray June, Tony Foster Jr., Written Quincey, Sterling Matthews, Chris the God, MC Cain, Keeng Cut, Jarry Manna, Doc Free, Jacobi Ryan, Young DV, K.O., Creo, iamDES, Yung Qwan, Shyheim, Earl Hazard, Lawrence Leon, Omaley B, Tizzi, Krisheena Suarez, Tea Rush, Medisin, Jacc Spade, 2peece, Papa, “Jimmi” Joe Bruner, WoRm, Xanvas, Malitmotives, Sentro, NOLO, Am’re Ford, the Vampire Youth, Damion Shade, Keezy Kuts, Bambi, Playya 1000, Lester Shaw, the GRAE, Jay Mizz, Foolie Foolie, Savvy Kray, Jabee, Deezy, SoufWessDes, Seriously K5ive, Original Flow, Ali Shaw, Beetyman, Sid Carter, Deeksta, 4wop, and Bezel 365.

Learn more about Fire in Little Africa here, and stream it above.

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