Offset Was Hospitalized After a Car Crash in Atlanta

Offset withstood minor injuries.

Offset was in a car crash and was subsequently hospitalized, according to TMZ.

The Atlanta native wrecked his green Dodge Challenger on Wednesday night in his hometown and suffered minor injuries. He has since been released and is expected to make a full recovery. In a photo provided by TMZ, his car looks to be totaled.

Cardi B hurried to be with her fiancé when she heard about the accident, per TMZ. The site also learned that no police or ambulance were on the scene and no accident report was filed. Offset’s car was towed after the crash.

While it isn’t certain that other people were involved in the accident, it doesn't seem likely since the police weren’t called.

Offset seems to be having a rough week. In addition to the crash, he and Cardi are also being sued by a man who was reportedly attacked by their security. The “autograph hound” was assaulted last week after Cardi declined to give him an autograph, TMZ shared.

The lawsuit alleges that Cardi shouted, “Fuck outta here n***a, I will slap the shit out of you” at the man, Giovanni Arnold, after a Met Gala after party. Offset also warned Arnold, yelling, “Shut up bro, before a n***a beat you out here.”

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that while Arnold tried to ease the tension, three bodyguards attacked him “within seconds.” According to Arnold, he didn’t fight back and chose to remain still on the ground in order to protect his body. He was later taken to the hospital and alleges that he withstood injuries to the face, neck, back, and more.

In happier news, Cardi B and Offset recently shared that they are expecting a baby girl.

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