Nicki Minaj Jokes She Got Funny Marco a Lamborghini Truck for Christmas

The comedian asked the 'Pink Friday 2' rapper for the luxury vehicle as a Christmas present.

Nicki Minaj finally gave Funny Marco his belated Christmas present. Well, sort of.

The Pink Friday 2 rapper took to her Instagram Story this week to lob some jokes at Marco. “Look outside your window right now. Surprise boi!” she wrote over a photo of a cherry red Lamborghini truck. She placed a pink bow emoji on the luxury vehicle and tagged the comedian.

In a second post to her Story, Nicki wrote, “I told them to post a pic of the best lamb chops I got for @funnymarco but they had thought that I had said red lamb truck.” Her note was accompanied by a plate of lamb chops with another pink bow emoji.

Marco responded on his IG Story, writing over the image of the red Lambo truck, "Biggest gift, appreciate you!"

The joke stems from Nicki’s recent appearance on Marco’s show, Open Thoughts.

“Could you get me a Christmas present, please?” Marco asked at around the 44:10 minute mark. “I sure can. What would you like?” she said.

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“That lamb,” he said. “The lamb?” she replied, “From what restaurant?”

“No, that Lamborghini truck, red.” Upon hearing that, Nicki hilariously stopped responding and looked away. “Nicki, I’m right here,” Marco said, to which she answered, “Nicki left. You’ve reached her business manager.”

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