Stream Lupe Fiasco's New Album 'Drill Music in Zion' f/ Nayirah

Lupe Fiasco has shared his first album in four years, 'Drill Music in Zion,' featuring Nayirah. The new offering follows his 2018 project 'Drogas Wave.'

Cover art for Lupe Fiasco new album

Image via Publicist

Cover art for Lupe Fiasco new album

Lupe Fiasco has returned with the album Drill Music in Zion.

The record includes his recently released single “Autoboto” with Nayirah, and “Ms. Mural,” a continuation of his song series that began with “Mural” on 2014’s Tetsuo & Youth and was continued on “Mural Jr.” for 2018’s Drogas Wave. That project followed 2017’s Drogas Light.

“I’m trying to find a balance between the whimsy and the profound,” Lupe said in a statement. He went on to add, “Your whole life you’re physically growing, and as an artist, I feel like I’m taller now. Not that I’m at a higher place of morality, it’s that my vantage point and perspective is higher. I can see further.”

Stream Drill Music in Zion, featuring Ayesha Jaco and three contributions from Nayirah, below.

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