Lord Jamar on His Previous Eminem Comments: 'He's Not My Cup of Tea'

Lord Jamar was the target of a song on Eminem's surprise album, 'Music To Be Murdered By.'

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Lord Jamar has been criticizing Eminem for some time, taking issue with people labeling Em as the GOAT.

Now, the feud has resurfaced again following the release of Em’s surprise album Music To Be Murdered By, where Jamar found himself to be the target of the cut “I Will.” Em raps, “If it was anyone's house G Rap and Rakim would be havin' you mop floors / Run-DMC would be havin' you cleanin' sinks / Yeah, your group was off the chain, but you were the weakest link.”

Though not a direct response to the new Em song, Jamar was asked about his previous comments on Slim Shady in a new interview with the series Flip Da Script. He concedes that Em is a good rapper, but he’s just not Jamar’s taste. He says at the 2:30 mark, “To the people who'd like to control and dominate the narrative of hip-hop—it's considered hate to them. To me, it's self-preservation of my culture,” he said.

“He's a good rapper but he's not my cup of tea,” he explained. “I'm just saying if black people, [who] are the creators of hip-hop, don't crown you the GOAT, you not the GOAT. That's it. If it sounds hateful to you, that's your fuckin' interpretation. But I'm tellin' you, that's my only thing.”

When asked if his opinion is based on race, he said, “They only callin' him the GOAT because he's white... He brought pride to white people in hip-hop because before that, white people were looked at as super corny.”

Back in August, Royce da 5'9" took to Instagram to address Jamar dissing Eminem. Royce said, “Lord Jamar, you a legend in the game... You running up these views 'cause you got so much controversial shit to say about this one fucking person. He walks away with the check and you walk away with, craving attention... I don't like seeing you in that space, brother. Talking about Em, like, 'real n***as don't listen his music and all that.' First of all, you're not the measuring stick for who's real or who's cool.”

Jamar fired back days later on Instagram Live: “What up Royce? Apparently, you were a little upset—again. I thought the video was old actually. But nope, it’s a new one. People don’t really ask me about you Royce. They ask me about Eminem, but for some reason, you like to respond. OK. I get it. You’re a loyal guy.”

Royce appeared on Music To Be Murdered By tracks “You Gon' Learn” and “Yah Yah,” as well as produced a few songs too. Watch the interview with Lord Jamar above.

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