Kreayshawn Tells Fans to Not Stream "Gucci Gucci": 'I Get $0 and I'm in Debt to Sony for 800K'

Kreayshawn's 2012 hit song "Gucci Gucci" started trending on Twitter recently, with many thinking that her song would be huge on TikTok today.

kreayshawn gucci

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kreayshawn gucci

After Kreayshawn’s 2012 song “Gucci Gucci” unexpectedly started trending on Twitter recently, the artist told fans that she doesn’t make any money from the song.

“Don't buy Gucci Gucci or stream it. I get 0$ and I'm in debt to sony for 800k,” she tweeted.

She instead linked her followers to some of her other projects, like her new EP T.O.B.M. (True Oakland Black Metal), and the compilation project Bail Out Vol. 2, where all proceeds go to the NAACP. She also suggested they sign a number of petitions to defund the police, donate money to the LGBTQIA+ community, and more.

It appears that “Gucci Gucci” began trending as a random moment of nostalgia, with many saying that the song would have been huge on TikTok today. 

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People were also remembering the trio The White Girl Mob—Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and Lil Debbie—which Kreayshawn touched on during an interview with Masked Gorilla earlier this year. “Me and V-Nasty are friends and me and Lil Debbie are friends,” she said. “That’s what people wanna ask all the time. I don’t know why everyone’s so interested in that. Everyone’s chillin’, doing their own thing.”

She added, “None of us beef with each other. We’re all old. We’re all like adults. Nothing we do affects each other. Maybe back then it did so that’s why it was static-y.”

The trio split up around the time Kreayshawn released her debut album Somethin' 'Bout Kreay, on which “Gucci Gucci” appears. While Debbie chalked the break-up to business, others believe that it had to do with Kreayshawn and Debbie taking off on their own, and with the fact that V-Nasty (who isn't black) was saying the n-word. Others say that Kreayshawn also used it too.

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