Kreayshawn Responds to Misogynistic Crowd at Rolling Loud with “Boutta”

The Oakland rapper shared a powerful message about the events that inspired the freestyle.

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On Day One of the 2017 Rolling Loud Bay Area festival, Lil B was allegedly jumped by a group of men that included PnB Rock. In light of the incident, event organizers announced they had canceled the rapper’s set for Day Two, and would replace him with 28-year-old Oakland artist Kreayshawn

PNB rock will no longer be performing at Rolling Loud today. Please welcome Bay Area's own @KREAYSHAWN to take his place!

— Rolling Loud (@RollingLoud) October 22, 2017

Kreayshawn, unfortunately, didn’t receive the best response. While on stage, the “Gucci Gucci” rapper made it a point to show love to the women in the audience, but was met with audible boos.

“We’re here to empower women here today and protect Lil B at all cost,” she told the audience. “But if a man gets disrespectful, we’re going to cut their dicks off. Am I right, ladies?”

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The unpleasant incident inspired Kreayshawn’s “Boutta” freestyle, which was a response to the misogyny she witnessed within in hip-hop. Nearly two months after she unleashed the record, Kreayshawn came through with its official music video along with a powerful statement on what inspired it.

“After a lifetime of multiple rapes, years of molestation and a string of resent abusive relationships the new light shined on abuse gave me power to make this. It all came about after I was asked seven hours before hand to perform Rolling Loud festival to replace someone,” she wrote on Instagram. “I was shocked at the line up being 98 percent men an a lot of them being ones accused or convicted or self-praised for violence against women. When I went on I decided ok, this isn't my crowd but, I'm gonna make it about supporting women since the crowd was like 99 percent male. […] At one point I had over 1,000 middle fingers pointed at me. When I would say make some noise for the ladies I heard 'Boos' I WAS NOT SHOOK. I was furiously inspired by this.”

Kreayshawn went on to say that she was amused by how much she and other women seemed to offend men.

“I was like ok, I'm gonna make these simple songs and mock this generation of hand and hand music,” she wrote in part. “You can simply understand this. RAPE ME AND ILL KILL YOU BITCH. TOUCH MY FRIEND I'LL KILL YOU BITCH.”

You can check out the “Boutta” music video above.

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