Khalid's Bodyguard Goes Viral for Taking a Tumble at Nashville Concert While Chasing Singer

Last month, Khalid was in a car accident. Though he only sustained minor injuries, he sat out his June 25 show as opening act for Ed Sheeran.

Gina Wetzler / Redferns

A video of Khalid’s bodyguard crashing mid-sprint has gone viral.

Footage of the incident from an audience member shows the singer running while waving to his fans after a performance at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville. His security follows after him, but when the 25-year-old enters the tunnel to go backstage, the bodyguard falls face-first onto the floor.

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He rolls over and gets up before falling again, mostly out of shot of the first video, taken close to the ground floor. Another clip taken from an aerial view shows the second fall. The man gets up a second time and walks into the tunnel.

Perhaps the security guard had a reason for concern. Just last month, Khalid was in a car accident in El Paso, Texas. His mother, Linda Wolfe told ABC 7 that the artist pulled over because his car started overheating. He then moved to the passenger seat of his stationary vehicle and was hit by a car. He sustained minor injuries.

Khalid was set to perform as an opening act on Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour. 

"[Khalid] was in a car accident this week, he's recovering and we wish him the best," Sheeran told the crowd at the Landover, Maryland show on June 25. "If people don't know I was going to be the opening act today people are going to walk up to me today like, 'This show isn't what I thought it was. I thought there'd be more fireworks.'"

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