Joey Purp Announces New Mixtape ‘UpLate,’ Shares Video for New Song “Outside”

Joey Purp announced that his next mixtape 'UpLate' will arrive on Sept. 24 via a self-release, which he marked with the video for his new song "Outside."

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Joey Purp has announced the forthcoming arrival of his new mixtape UpLate, out Sept. 24. via self-release. He marked the announcement with the new song and video for “Outside.”

The visual sees the Chicago native partying and kicking it in his hometown, whipping around in luxury cars, and putting off fireworks as the red and blue lighting on Willis Tower can be seen in the background.

The Smoko Ono and Purp-produced song, much like the entire project, is influenced by Chicago House music. Fans caught a glimpse of that inspiration on his previous releases, iiiDrops and QuarterThing, Butt with UpLate, Purp fully immerses himself in the genre. The project marks his production debut, with him co-producing with frequent collaborators Ono, Knox Fortune, Peter Cottontale, Thelonious Martin, and more.

“We really just wanted to expand—expand on everything we’ve done,” Purp said in a statement. “Expand on our sound. Expand Chicago’s sound and what that means to the world. We wanted to give a glimpse at our history and our future at the same time you know.”

He continued, “There’s a saying: you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. In hip hop, we say, ‘It ain’t where you from it’s where you at.’ So this is where we’re from and this is where we’re at and this is where we’re going. And this is what it sounds like.”

Watch the video for “Outside” up top.

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