Dr. Dre Is Now Legally Single as Fight Over Prenup Continues

Though Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are now officially divorced, the exes are now battling over finances, with Young contesting the validity of her prenup.

This is a photo of Dr. Dre.

Image via Getty/David Crotty

This is a photo of Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre is now officially single, with a judge granting the producer and his estranged wife, Nicole Young a divorce.

However, while the pair are no longer legally together, they’re still sorting out their finances, according to TMZ. Young is contesting the legitimacy of the prenup—and once that’s iron out, it will help settle their property dispute as well.

Young wants the judge to nullify the prenup, and Dre, of course, disagrees. Young has also alleged that Dre said he wouldn’t carry out the prenup, which he’s said isn’t true. And there’s a lot to fight over, in terms of money, what with Dre being worth $800 million.

Dre and Young both sought to terminate their marriage and become legally single back in April. A judge was set to sign off on their request in July, so it seems they both got their wish early. 

Their divorce has been messy, with Young accusing Dre of abuse and him denying those claims, saying she’s lying to get money. As the legal battle has endured, Dre has also been ordered to find a new divorce lawyer and has had to pay Young around $2 million a month in temporary spousal support. The pair were married for 24 years until Young filed for divorce in June 2020.

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