Dr. Dre’s messy divorce from Nicole Young is still ongoing with Dre now facing a huge blow to his case.

Page Six reports that a judge has ruled that the veteran producer has to seek new counsel in his divorce. Young and her attorney, Samantha Spector, claim that one of Dre’s current lawyers, Howard King, has been Young and Dre’s family lawyer since their engagement and during their marriage. Dre’s other lawyer, Laura Wasser, has also been “vicariously disqualified” from Dre’s representation since she was working with King.

Spector and Young had been actively trying to bar Wasser from Dre’s case. Court documents state the judge said Dre “is instructed to obtain counsel as soon as possible.”

Both Spector and Wasser are big-time divorce lawyers in Los Angeles, with Wasser and Spector often find themselves battling it out in court. Wasser also has a number of high-profile clients, including Kim Kardashian.

Dre and Young broke-up on March 27, 2020 and filed for divorce in June, after being married for 24 years. They share two children: 23-year-old son Truice and 19-year-old daughter Truly. Dre has been giving Young temporary spousal support during divorce proceedings where the two have been at odds over the validity of their prenup, particularly since Dre is reportedly worth around $800 million.

Earlier this month, Dre accused Young of fabricating abuse claims in order to get more money out of him. Documents say that he believes she is using his past history of domestic violence as a way to get to him after discovering she wouldn’t get half of his wealth due to their prenup.