Coi Leray Says She Brings 'Something New to the Table' in Response to Rolling Loud Crowd

Coi Leray has responded in length to her Rolling Loud Miami performance, which featured a motionless crowd, saying she's 'bringing something new to the table.'

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Coi Leray isn’t letting the haters get to her, following the very dry audience that was present at her Rolling Loud Miami set.

“I wouldn’t be who I am if I wasn’t for me,” she told TMZ regarding the crowd’s reaction—or lack thereof. “I feel like there’s only one of me and the reason why everything is the way it is is because of me. So it don’t matter if they’re talking bad or good—they’re talking because of me.”

She continued, saying that she’s being targeted because she’s “bringing something new to the table.”

“Ain’t nobody else doing shit,” she said. “Ain’t nobody really doing nothing that’s making people wanna go ahead and gravitate towards that. Everything that’s done is repetitive. They seen it already. … So when you got somebody bringing something new to the table, they don’t like that. So it’s just going to take some time for people to get used to. I ain’t trippin’.”

On July 24, Leray performed at Rolling Loud Miami to a lifeless crowd, with one troll saying the audience looked like Grand Theft Auto pedestrians—and another saying they were participating in the mannequin challenge. That didn’t faze Leray, who initially responded by tweeting, “Just wanna say thank you for all the love I get. I’m so loved by so many people it blocks out the hate. You love me I love you. Forever.”

Her Rolling Loud zombie crowd followed a May concert in Houston, Texas, where she was clowned for performing in front of a motionless audience. Nicki Minaj and Polo G later showed support for Leray, with Minaj telling Leray to keep her “chin up” and Polo saying “keep goin’.”

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