Chris Bosh Collaborates With Deezie Brown on Kobe Tribute "I Want It All"

Chris Bosh has released his song, "I Want it All" with Deezie Brown. The track is a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

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Chris Bosh has been working on his music production talents since retiring from the NBA. Now he’s released his first song, “I Want It All,” with up-and-coming artist Deezie Brown. The track is a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Bosh was forced to retire in 2016 due to recurring blood clots. When that happened, he began filling his time with music, first by learning the guitar. Then he learned how to produce music, both on his own and with the guidance of mentors.

“There’s self-learning in anything that you do,” he told Complex. “You have to figure things out on your own. You have to do the work and be curious enough. I also have a lot of mentors. I’ve been pretty aggressive about befriending certain guys, like Rico Love, who has helped me tremendously through conversation and allowed me to work with him. There’s my buddy Max Frost, and S1, who I got to meet at one of his conferences. Also Usher, Miguel, and Childish Gambino. Just being around them, you pick up so much.”

Bosh also discussed working with Brown. “That was one of those inescapable things about producing music. You have to build a relationship,” he said when asked how he connected with Brown.

Bosh continued, “You have to build a sound, a style, and all that stuff, and you also have to have that other person, like a partner in crime. Dr. Dre had Snoop and Eminem. Your favorite producer always had that artist they worked with. I listened to Deezie’s music, and I really liked it. So I hit him up and was like, yo man, I know this is crazy, I know this sounds weird, but I’ve been producing music. We hung out a few times and it’s been two years since, and we’ve just been building and making songs.”

Listen to “I Want It All” at the top.

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