On the verge of another incredible achievement—winning a title with his third team and possibly becoming the first player in NBA history to earn Finals MVP honors with a three separate squads—LeBron James deserves all the praise and accolades he'll be showered with over the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

But let's not get it twisted—The King hasn't done it all by himself. He's had plenty of help winning titles in Miami, Cleveland, and now (we feel safe assuming) Los Angeles. Which made us wonder which running mate is the best LeBron has played with? Chris Bosh told us yesterday it's clearly Dwyane Wade. Some would argue otherwise. And that's what we're here to do. 

Just like Michael Jordan did during his run to six titles in the 90s, James has paired up with some incredible players—including a number of current and future Hall of Famers—that aided his ascension from prodigy to the NBA's Mt. Rushmore. But who deserves the crown as LeBron's best teammate is a debate worth having now that Anthony Davis could snag MVP honors in the 2020 NBA Finals over James, LeBron spent four years balling with Wade and Bosh on South Beach, and he had some damn good sidekicks during his two stints in Cleveland. 

This certainly ain't scientific, it's 100 percent subjective, and definitely will make three fan bases feel a certain way. But for better or worse, here are the nine best teammates James has played ranked in appropriate order.