Chika Slams Perez Hilton for Misgendering Her: 'Your Legacy Is Driving People to Insanity'

Chika blasted Perez Hilton for playing her song "Cinderella, Pt. 2" on his Instagram Story without crediting her, also discussing the time he misgendered her.

chika perez

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chika perez

Chika called out Perez Hilton after she saw that the blogger was playing her song “Cinderella, Pt. 2” on his Instagram Story, and recalled a moment where Hilton misgendered her.

“i distinctly remember perez hilton purposely misgendering me on here a couple years ago, but now his bitch ass is playing cinderella (pt. 2) on his IG story without crediting me,” Chika wrote on Twitter.

Hilton later responded to Chika in a since-deleted tweet: “Misgendering someone is assigning or referring the wrong gender to a person. I never gendered you. So the stupid one is you. Hey, at least you’re stupid and making some money now. Xoxo.”

Chika fired back, writing, “1.) Saying he/she, even to someone whose gender you don’t know is wrong. Esp bc nonbinary and agender people exist. Which is why the majority of the intelligent population says ‘they.’” She added, “You adhered to the binary because you wanted to offend me, and that’s clear, doofus.”

She went on to eviscerate Hilton, penning a laundry list of the reasons why he’s no longer relevant and how his work has been detrimental to the entertainment and music industries. She ended her rant with a video, calling Perez a “vile human being.” She continued, “He’s been allowed to fuck with people’s mental health and destroy lives for years.”

Chika was recently nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys.

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