Britney Spears Seemingly Responds to Perceived Diss From Justin Timberlake

On Wednesday, JT appeared to retract an apology to his famous ex.

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Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are taking veiled shots at each other once again.

The "Toxic" singer took to her now-private Instagram account with a message that appeared to be aimed at her ex, writing, "Someone told me someone was talking shit about me on the streets!!! Do you want to bring it to the court or will you go home crying to your mom like you did last time??? I'm not sorry!!!"


— Joe Organa (@JoeOrgana) February 1, 2024
Twitter: @JoeOrgana

Spears' comments come after a clip surfaced from JT's New York City performance on Wednesday night, where he said, “I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to absolutely fucking nobody,” in between songs.

CONFIRMED: Justin Timberlake is still a misogynistic piece of fucking shit. I don’t understand how y’all think this is “cool” to publicly attack a woman for 20 years

— Britney Stan ✨ (@BritneyTheStan) February 1, 2024
Twitter: @BritneyTheStan

According to TMZ, fans think his remarks were aimed at Spears, particularly because he launched into “Cry Me a River” right after, which is famously about her. This seems to be a retraction of Timberlake’s public apology to Spears and Janet Jackson in 2021 following the release of the documentary, Framing Britney Spears.

"I am deeply sorry for the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right,” he wrote on IG at the time. “I understand that I fell short in these moments and in many others and benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism.”

He continued: “I specifically want to apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson both individually, because I care for and respect these women and I know I failed. I also feel compelled to respond, in part, because everyone involved deserves better and most importantly, because this is a larger conversation that I wholeheartedly want to be a part of and grow from.”

Timberlake's retraction of his apology comes after Spears apologized to him on Sunday via IG, where she complimented Timberlake’s new song “Selfish,” writing she is “in love” with the track.

She also expressed regret for some of the allegations she made towards him in her memoir, The Woman in Me: “I wanna apologize for some of the things I wrote about in my book. If I offended any of the people I genuinely care about I am deeply sorry,”

The two have been taking shots at each other for months. In December, Justin played “Cry Me a River” for the first time since the arrival of Britney’s book—commenting “No disrespect” right before performing the song. Many assumed the remark was aimed at Spears, who, in her book, criticized the song for speaking on their relationship. 

A day after his performance, Spears seemingly responded: "I never mentioned how I beat him in basketball and he would cry ... no disrespect," she captioned an IG post about their "Cry Me a River" video shoot. Her IG post from Thursday is clearly a callback to this comment.

Many also thought Timberlake’s Wednesday remarks were a jab at Jackson, largely because the 20th anniversary of the pair’s scandalous Super Bowl performance is on Feb. 1.

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