Billy Ray Cyrus Has Reportedly Tried to Mend Bond With Miley Cyrus

It appears as if Miley wants nothing to do with her father.

NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Billy Ray Cyrus is reportedly attempting to extend an olive branch to Miley Cyrus, to no avail.

An insider told Us Weekly that the father of five has “tried reaching out to Miley many times” and “congratulated her” after she won two Grammys earlier this month. She also noticeably snubbed her father at the awards show when she didn’t acknowledge him in her acceptance speeches.

“Miley and Billy Ray are on the outs. Miley’s very close with her mom and is standing by her,” the anonymous source added. “The kids have chosen sides, but friends are hoping the rift doesn’t last forever.”

Rumors of a feud within the Cyrus family became public in August 2023 when Miley’s younger siblings Noah and Braison decided not to go to their mother Tish’s wedding to Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell.

“It’s no secret neither of them approves of Dominic, and that’s created tension with their mom,” a second insider told Us Weekly.

Miley and her older siblings Trace and Brandi attended the ceremony. It’s worth noting that Miley is closer to her mom, while Noah is closer to Billy Ray, which has “caused a rift” between the sisters, per the source.

Tish and Billy Ray divorced in April 2022 after 28 years of marriage, and Tish got remarried the following year. The former couple are no longer on speaking terms. Both the divorce and new marriages have led to a “division” within the family.

Bill Ray, who is 62 years old, also got remarried months after the divorce, to Australian singer Firerose, who is 27 years younger than him.

A third insider claimed to Us Weekly that “Miley hasn’t gotten over the disrespect she feels Billy Ray showed Tish and the family,” though it’s unclear exactly what that means.

Their marriage was full of ups and downs. Billy Ray filed for divorce in 2010, and Tish filed for divorce in 2013, though neither went through with it. She filed again in 2022.

What seemed like the last straw for Tish was the “disrespect,” which, she told the Call Her Daddy podcast earlier this month, came “in every form.” She also shared that she continued to stay with her ex “out of fear of being alone.”

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