Bhad Bhabie Targeted in $450,000 Charity Event Scam

The scammers have targeted other celebrities before.

bhad bhabie scam

Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson

bhad bhabie scam

Bhad Bhabie was recently the target of a scam and had enough sense to realize it.

The rapper almost cashed a $450,000 check she was paid for speaking at a conference in Hong Kong, but it was fraudulent, TMZ reports. Her team was contacted by people who alleged they were from the office of Peter Woo—a billionaire Chinese businessman—and proposed to pay her handsomely in exchange for a short speech at a charity event in Hong Kong.

The first warning sign was that Bhad Bhabie’s team told the outlet the scammers wanted her to cash a check for $450,000 and then send them back $300,000. The second was that the website for Peter Woo Philanthropies is an exact replica of charity websites that were used in targeting Dog the Bounty Hunter and other famous people. In fact, the same scammers who targeted the rapper targeted Dog as well.

The scammers were also including perks like private air travel, luxury accommodations, and a $10,000 wardrobe budget. After receiving the check, Bhad Bhabie ended up wiring money back. She sent $0.01 with the memo, “Suck my dick. Love, Bhad Bhabie.”

Last month, the 16-year-old announced in a now-deleted Instagram post that she's going on a social media hiatus to protect her mental health. “Social media has not only made me who I am but also every reason I can't sleep at night. Imagine being called a racist white cunt every second of they day,” she wrote.

People have been accusing her of appropriating black culture since she first started gaining popularity. This issue resurfaced in December when she was condemned for wearing braids. When she attempted to explain her stance on the topic, many people felt like her response was laced with underlying racism. 

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