Bhad Bhabie Claps Back at Haters Over Her OnlyFans Success

Bhad Bhabie made headlines when she launched her OnlyFans account after her 18th birthday, crossing the million-dollar mark in six hours, a record for the site.

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Bhad Bhabie claims she earned a record-breaking $1 million in just six hours following her OnlyFans debut in early April, when her account launched to coincide with her 18th birthday.

Now, the rapper is responding to those who think the age of entry for the subscription service should be 21 rather than 18. “I think any bitch who says that is mad cuz they didn’t make as much money as me,” Bhabie told TMZ. When asked if starting at the age of 18 is equal to child grooming, she said, “I’m not groomed by nobody. I make all my own decisions and I have been since I was very young.”

In April, Bhabie revealed on Instagram that she crossed the million-dollar mark, writing, “Not bad for 6 hours. We broke the fuck out of that onlyfans record.” She also showed in a TikTok video that her total revenue was $1,092,762.63. According to TMZ, OnlyFans confirmed that she did in fact shatter the site’s record.

She also responded to TMZ’s question about whether or not she considers it cheating if a significant other pays for an OnlyFans subscription. “My boyfriend wouldn’t do that so I don’t know what y’all boyfriend’s doing. Y’all need to take that up with them.”

While it’s unclear what content Bhad Bhabie shares on her OnlyFans account, she has definitely become one of the site’s most popular creators. 

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