Ashanti’s Mother Corrected Host Who Congratulated Singer on Rumored Pregnancy: ‘Don’t Get it Twisted’

Reports that the singer was pregnant with Nelly's child first made headlines in early December, although the couple never addressed the rumors.

Jamie Mccarthy / WireImage

Ashanti’s mother, Tina Douglas, corrected a host who expressed her good wishes for Ashanti’s rumored pregnancy.

“Congratulations, Ashanti’s having a baby. So congratulations, grandma,” the host said.

Douglas—who’s also Ashanti’s manager—responded, “There’s been no announcement. It hasn’t come out yet until I hear it from Ashanti and Nelly.”

“Oh, I thought it was public. My bad, sorry,” the host replied, to which Douglas said, “No, it is public. Don’t get it twisted, but it hasn’t been officially announced.”

Rumors of Ashanti being with child first cropped up early last December. She and Nelly reportedly first hinted at a pregnancy at the St. Louis rapper’s Black and White Ball. When Ashanti placed her hands on her midriff onstage, Nelly rubbed her belly before she playfully smacked his hands away.

The couple dated on and off from the early 2000s to 2013, before rekindling their romance last year. They haven’t yet addressed the pregnancy rumors.

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