ASAP Ferg on the Drake and Pusha-T Rap Beef: 'We Need That Sh*t'

Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid for his Shade 45 show the 'Whoolywood Shuffle,' Ferg revealed that he “love[s]" the Drake and Pusha-T beef. And that he "think[s] this should keep going."

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Everyone’s been offering up their two cents when it comes to the Drake and Pusha-Tbeef. Now, ASAP Ferg is the latest celebrity to chime in. Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid for his Shade 45 show the Whoolywood Shuffle, Ferg revealed that he “love[s] that shit.”

“We need that shit because I’m getting a feeling that like [...] when Nas said hip-hop was dead, he was onto something,” Ferg says around the 1:05 mark. “At first, we was like, ‘You wildin’,’ this that and the third, but he foreseen it. And I think that like with a lot of the stupid shit that’s coming out, the wack shit that’s coming out, like we’re losing the art of lyricism and just being able to be witty with words.”

Ferg continued, “Like what happened to that? What about like being sharp, like on your feet. Having an IQ? What about reading a book so you can have more shit to talk about? I think that was being lost and then like Pusha and Drake […] they sound like classy niggas goin at it.”

Whoo Kid then asked Ferg what he thinks of women becoming pawns in rap beefs. 

“We do it all for the female at the end of the day. I live for a female,” Ferg said. “We do it for them. That’s why I guess people get so touchy when it comes to that.”

He added, referencing the Push and Drake feud, “I think this should keep going. I like this.” Unfortunately for Ferg (and us), it looks like the beef is officially over

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