Kat Graham And Kurt Hugo Schneider Record Soulful Remix of "Sometimes"

What's it take to remake a hit song?

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Is there anything better than a good remix? We're living in the golden-age of mash-ups, mixtapes, and remakes and music is proving to be the best recyclable product on the planet. The best part is, you don't need to be a professional to lay down a new version of an old tune. Just look at YouTube music producer, Kurt Hugo Schneider, who's made himself a successful career remixing current day artists' songs with classical instruments and new techniques. The catch? He actually gets the celebrities to come in and re-record their tracks for him to remake. 

On his new go90 show "To The Beat", Schneider takes us behind the scenes of his musical productions. We get to watch celebrities like T-Pain, Betty Who, and Kat Graham recreate their most popular hits. In the latest episode (see above), Kat Graham gives Schneider full access to her house as they recreate her song "Sometimes". It's worth it just to get a glimpse of Graham's swanky pad. 

If musical remakes and tours of celebrity homes are up your alley, be sure to check out new episodes of "To The Beat" every Thursday on go90

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