Video Shows DaBaby Punching His Artist Wisdom Backstage

The altercation apparently took place during the Spring Jam 2022 concert in Columbus, South Carolina. The details of the incident remain unclear.

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DaBaby keeps going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Newly surfaced video allegedly shows the 30-year-old rapper in a physical altercation with Wisdom—an artist he signed to Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. The footage was filmed and shared by Instagram user @prince_mazani, who confirmed the incident occurred during Friday night’s Spring Jam 2022 event in Columbus, South Carolina.

The video shows DaBaby walking backstage at the Colonial Life Arena, when he suddenly turns around and swings at Wisdom. The two rappers then trade a few punches, before security quickly separate them. As the two men walk away, they exchange some more words; however, it remains unclear what exactly started the altercation. 

Hours after the fight went down, @prince_mazani returned to Instagram to shed a bit more light on the situation. He shared a message that suggested DaBaby’s reaction was warranted, and that he would release the full video at a later time.

“I don’t condone violence I just happened to be there when it happened,” he wrote. “@dababy had a solid reason. I’m not taking his side but I see why he did what he did [...] I got the whole video and imma tell you why @dababy did what he did. Share and Tune in.”

Keep it locked as more information becomes available. 

The incident comes after a series of controversies and Ls for DaBaby. The Cleveland native is fighting a legal case stemming from a physical altercation with Brandon Bills, the older brother of DaBaby’s ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh. And just last week, DaBaby made headlines after he shot and injured a man who allegedly broke into his North Carolina.

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