Someone Found Tyler, the Creator's Old Myspace Page With Unreleased Tracks

Tyler, the Creator's old Myspace page features six unreleased songs from 2008.

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Back in the aughties, many aspiring artists would use this thing called Myspace to share their undiscovered talent on the World Wide Web. It turns out, Tyler, the Creator was one those musicians.

This week, Reddit users on the Hip-Hop Heads forum brought our attention to the 25-year-old rapper’s old Myspace page. The profile, titled “I Smell Panties,” included six unreleased tracks that appear to be from 2008. The songs are rough around the edges, but they’re exactly what you would except from Odd Future’s eccentric co-founder. There’s keyboard riffs, his signature gravel-pitched voice, and, of course, a good dose of inappropriateness. (There’s a song called “Lilo Fucks Stitch.)

The I Smell Panties mix is obviously far from Tyler’s best work, but it’s a must-hear for fans who have followed him since the Bastard days. Though he's come a long way in terms of lyricism and production, this proves the man has always been unapologetically weird. 

You can listen to the six tracks below.


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