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Casey Veggies: "Tyler was just all the way left. The music was always dope. That song ‘Blow’ is one of my favorite joints. It was a perfect match of a crazy rapper and the most beautiful melodies, the beats were dope. Great album.

“People didn’t look back on The Odd Future Tape as much. They went back to Bastard and it blew up. Odd Future Tape didn’t blow up like that. [The old fans] knew about it. Bastard came out right after that. People went back once he blew and they were like, ‘Yo, this nigga is crazy.’ 

“He has a couple songs on there that are crazy, but not like Goblin. With Bastard, he was more on his vulnerable side. He started becoming meaner [on the transition] to Goblin. He became mad at life. He was still that younger Tyler [on Bastard.] You know how you get older and all the problems at hand? That didn’t happen yet.”