Travis Scott Talks Collaborating With 'Fortnite' for 'Astronomical' Event

The in-game concert is going down tonight.

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Before kicking off his Fortnite "Astronomical" concert, Travis Scott made a brief appearance on Big Boy in the Neighborhood to discuss the much-anticipated virtual event.

"What is going on with Travis Scott and Fortnite?" Big Boy asked. "And why is everyone going crazy right now?" 

Scott said he has always been a fan of the video game and that it was important for him to give his fans something to do—especially during a time of self-isolation.

"Just being able to get some of my ideas off in a game, and for people to play at the crib ..." the rapper said. "I've been busy getting ready for the show, [but] I loaded by skin up, gave it a run, but I've been focused, more so, on the design."

The host then pointed out that Scott's Fortnite skin had a much better physique than the rapper's, and jokingly theorized Scott must've requested the look in his contract.

"My partner don't look like this," Big Boy said with a laugh. "Was it in your contract—"

"Nah, man. You just gotta eat your cereal ..." he replied. "My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs."

Big Boy went on to ask Scott what he had in store for "Astronomical." Scott kept details to a minimum.

"To be honest, it's just a full experience ... a different experience," he said. "Just giving people—without trying to say too much—give them just, like, a full experience of what I feel sometimes ... It's so much fire shit."

Scott was then asked what many of you are probably wondering: How much coin is he making from the Fortnite collaboration? Unsurprisingly, Scott just laughed the question off, followed by a series of "uhs" and "yeahs."

You can hear part 1 of Scott's interview above and part 2 below. The in-game concert will go down live at 7:00 pm ET tonight.

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