The Game’s ‘Born to Rap’ Royalties and Record Label Seized to Pay $7 Million to Accuser

The Game continues to battle it out with his alleged sexual accuser Priscilla Rainey.

The Game

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The Game

The Game's sexual assault accuser has scored a huge legal victory.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Priscilla Rainey has been granted ownership of The Game's independent record label Prolific Records, as well as royalties from his latest album, Born to Rap. This means Rainey now has full control over any salary The Game was receiving through his imprint, which was launched in fall 2019.

Per the documents:

Any and all rights, title, and interest of Defendant in any money, property, or payments due to Defendant from LA Prolific, in the form of, among other things, commission, royalties, contract receivables, deferred compensation, income, wages, payroll, salary, and accounts receivable. Failure by Defendant to comply with this Order may subject him to contempt of Court proceedings ...

The Blasthas a similar report, writing, a judge granted a motion that would allow her to collect any money The Game has coming in.

The Game's manager, Wack 100, responded to the news on Instagram with an interesting claim: "Last time I checked #Wack 100 owned all royalties to born to Rap. And I don’t owe the bitch a dime," he wrote. "When the #CDC # has their # who knows maybe I might lose in a dice game one day … But as of right now Today it’ll be right here in my little ole portfolio."

The Game, real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, was ordered to pay over $7 million in damages to Rainey in 2016. Rainey received the judgment about a year after she sued the rapper for an alleged sexual assault that took place while filming She's Got Game, a VH1 reality show starring The Game. The plaintiff claims she had agreed to go on a date with rapper, believing it would be on camera; however, when she met the rapper at a Chicago restaurant, there was no production crew. 

The lawsuit alleged The Game showed up to the date "highly intoxicated on alcohol and drugs (which was typical), and sexually assaulted plaintiff on several occasions that night. This included him forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks."

Rainey was ultimately awarded $7,130,100 after The Game failed to appear in court. But according to Rainey, the rapper has not paid a single dime in the years since she received the judgement. She would go on to file a motion requesting the seizure of The Game's income. 

Rainey has seemingly addressed her latest legal win via Instagram:

And it appears The Game has also responded, posting an Instagram story that simply read "SMD," which presumably stands for "suck my dick."

The Game IG

The Game addressed his legal battle with Rainey during an appearance on Everyday Struggle at ComplexCon 2019. Not only did he called his accuser a liar, he also insisted he was never going to pay up.

"It’s a lying bitch making up a story. That shit is fucking crazy 'cause I had a fucking dentist appointment, I missed court, and a judge would give a bitch a judgment for $7 million ..." he said. "I ain’t giving that bitch nothing. It’d be different if I was one of those weird-ass n***as touching pussies in the club, but I was nowhere near this bitch."

Complex has reached out to The Game's team for comment.

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