Reddit Has a Crazy, But Interesting, Theory About Eminem's 'Revival' Tracklist

Could 'Revival' be a double album?

eminem sse arena
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Eminem performs on stage during the MTV EMAs 2017 held at The SSE Arena, Wembley on November 12, 2017 in London, England.

eminem sse arena

After months of anticipation and speculation, Eminem finally unveiled Revival’s official tracklist on Tuesday. But not everyone liked what they saw.

The long-awaited project will consists of 19 tracks (including interludes), and will feature appearances by Beyoncé, Pink, Ed Sheeran, Skylar Grey, Alicia Keys, and more. It’s a star-studded project, no doubt; however, some fans expressed skepticism about the heavy dose of pop acts. A few were also disappointed that 2 Chainz—who was rumored to be on the album—was not credited on the tracklist. 

If Eminem doesn’t take that bullshit ass pop tracklist and get the fuck outta here

— coldgamesixx (@suicunesix) December 5, 2017

This is hands down the worst tracklist features wise. Even the one with Debbie Mathers was better 😂

— . (@Justmojiarmy) December 5, 2017

Keep that Eminem tracklist far away from me and my loved ones

— Jacqueline (DJ horse jeans) (@Horse_Jeans) December 5, 2017

Beyonce is most exciting name on Eminem’s tracklist and we all heard how that went. He can retire now.

— Ronald Isley (@yoyotrav) December 5, 2017

While some fans are feeling let down, one Stan isn’t abandoning hope. As pointed out by Uproxx, Redditor Juan_tpose has come up with a theory that Revival is actually a double album. He predicts the first disc will have traditional pop sensibilities and, perhaps, more mainstream appeal; while the second will go harder, featuring the hip-hop collaborations most fans were expecting. The user points to the tracklist art to support his idea.

Eminem has been pretty tight-lipped about Revival, so it’s unclear what exactly he has in store. The double-album theory is intriguing, but there’s currently little evidence that this is the case. Maybe the 2 Chainz record is reserved for another project. Maybe it’s a stand-alone track. Or maybe it was scrapped. We don’t have any answers at this point. Until get more details, fans will continue to speculate.

Revival is set to drop on Dec. 15. 

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