Logic Says 6ix9ine Is One of Many Rappers Who Put Up a Facade: 'That's Not Really Who They Are'

Logic explained his position during his recent appearance on Logan Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast: "Ninety-nine f*ckin’ percent of rappers [wear] a mask."

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Logic is convinced 6ix9ine is playing a character.

The Maryland-born artist explained his position during an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, where he was pressed about the criticism he’s faced throughout his career. Logic acknowledged some people are turned off by his work and have dismissed it as a “corny.” And although he’s learned to better deal with that type of hate, Logic admits it can still sting because his music is a true reflection of himself.

He said the vast majority of hip-hop artists put up a facade, which tends to blunt the blow of criticism. Logic pointed to 6ix9ine as an example of an artist who has built a career center around “character” rather than authenticity.

“Ninety-nine fuckin’ percent of rappers are a mask. They wear a mask that’s not really who they are,” he explained. “And, respectfully, Tekashi 6ix9ine is a prime example of this. It’s very evident, right? I’m not talking shit, right, I’m just saying that he puts on this character. Especially judge based off what he said in court.”

He continued: “That’s not my fuckin’ business. I’m not calling Tekashi 6ix9ine out, I’m just simply saying you have these people that’s like, ‘I’ll kill you, murder, drugs, this, dah dah dah.’ When you shit on somebody’s music like that—I wouldn’t shit on his music—but if there’s somebody out there that’s like, ‘Oh, his music is wack,’ what they’re really saying is he’s wack … But he’s like, ‘I don’t give a fuck ’cause this isn’t even really me.’”

Logic insisted he had no intentions of beefing with 6ix9ine, but was just using him as an example of an artist who’s chosen to keep his true self hidden from the public. 

“There are some rappers out there that are more about a persona and a personification,” he explained, “and because of that, when people shit on their music or shit on them, it doesn’t matter ’cause they’re really not portraying who they are on their record. Me? I’m out here talkin’ about changing my son’s diapers and shit. So if you say that’s wack, or you hope he dies, or you call my wife ugly, or you say all this other shit, that’s difficult.”

You can check out Logic’s full interview above. He also discussing his short-live retirement, leaving Def Jam, abstaining from social media, and more.

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